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Kick-Start Your Spring With This 7-Day Liver "Detox" - WITHOUT Starving Yourself!

Thanks to social media, we are constantly being bombarded with information about different diets, cleanses, detoxes, etc. Some are very effective, others can be downright stupid and dangerous, especially for people with chronic health conditions.

This 7-day Liver Detox is one of our favorites because you still EAT, you just cut out a lot of the "bad stuff" for a few days.

Day one:

  • Fast for 24 hours and drink only water or 100% fruit/vegetable juices. You can buy the juices at a whole foods store or juice your own fruits and veggies if you choose to.

Days two through seven:


  • In the morning on an empty stomach drink 2-3 tablespoons of a mixture of equal parts olive oil and lemon juice.

  • Eat as much as you want: foods like whole grains, cooked vegetables, legumes, potatoes, nuts and yogurt.

  • Eat small portions of: meat and fish once a day.

  • Drink ONLY fresh water or room temperature fruit juices or veggie juices.


  • Warming spices like pepper, ginger, cinnamon, mint, cardamom, nutmeg, or other spices that create heat.

  • Alcohol, tea, coffee. (Some tea is okay - only caffeine-free herbal tea that does not contain the spices listed above).

  • Use minimal amounts of sugar or maple syrup.


  • Cook foods lightly, such as steaming, poaching, or stir frying. Do not eat broiled or deep fried foods. Of course be sure to cook all meat/seafood to a safe temperature.

  • Cook with light oils - olive oil or safflower oil.

After day seven, gradually return to a regular diet and lifestyle. In general, try to stay away from broiled and fried foods, as well as sugar and dairy. Pay close attention to how you feel when reintroducing foods that were cut out. If you notice any digestive upset, headaches, joint/muscle pain, difficulty sleeping, or any other health concerns when reintroducing foods, these are signs that your body may function better without them!

If you have any questions, or would like to incorporate this cleanse into your current Chinese Medicine care plan, be sure to ask your provider at your next visit!


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