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The "Work-Life Balance" Myth: How to Actually Avoid Burnout

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

What can the Corporate Athlete do to prevent burnout or a major health condition?

In recent years, I have seen more and more patients in our clinic with health concerns related to the stress of their job, career, or the expectations their company puts on them.

People are working 60+ hours a week for unlimited PTO (which does not exist). If you are required to answer emails or message while on the beach with your family, that is not PTO, that is working from the beach. Working 60+ hours a week to only hope and pray you do not lose your job to “restructuring” causes more anxiety and fear in people than the possibility of a severe illness or disease for some.

What happened to loyalty and caring for the people that make the company grow and thrive? Does a wellness week or company discount at your local gym really help to improve your performance or protect your health?


What can help avoid burnout? Therapy, working out, meditation, Happy Hour in the office?

First, stop lying to yourself that you need "work-life balance". There is no such thing as "work-life balance". There is no such thing as a “good multitasker". There is no such thing as being 100% good at every part of life at the same time.

Second, learn to switch from work mode to life mode with intention. This is very hard for most people to do and, as a business owner, health care practitioner, and acupuncturist for the MN Twins Baseball team, I know this is tough to do! Switching from work mode to family mode, parent mode, workout mode, even happy hour mode MUST been done with both intention and action to allow the brain to make the switch.

Third, have personal goals outside of your work goals. If you are so completely immersed in your work goals, your personal growth and happiness will pay the price. Allowing yourself time to pursue other goals and dreams that fulfill you personally will decrease your stress and give you something to look forward to.

Fourth, this is going to be tough for some of you to hear. Intense workouts are NOT always the best way to decrease your stress. I’ll say it again. Working out is NOT always the best way to decrease your stress. Working out is great, and I do it 4-5 days a week to stay healthy, strong, and to prevent injuries. However, if you are stressed mentally, physical activity may not provide the appropriate mental stress support. You may actually end up causing more stress on your body, leaving your body and brain susceptible to illness or disease. Creating a cohesive connection between your body and mind will decrease the impact of mental stress on your body.

Fifth – GO OUTSIDE. Spend at least 15 minutes outside each day. People underestimate the power of nature. Even in Minnesota, we still need to go outside and be in nature.

Last but certainly not least- GET ACUPUNCTURE to balance your body, mind and spirit. Acupuncture will gently bring your body back to homeostasis to support all the other wonderful “things” you are doing to stay healthy, happy, and improve your performance.

For more information, contact us at EastWest Acupuncture.

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