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Winter Solstice Is Just Around The Corner; Do You Know What That Means?!

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, where the time between sunrise and sunset is at its lowest. It falls on December 21st – 22nd.

The winter solstice marks the first official day of winter, with the fewest hours of sunlight throughout the year. Across many cultures, the winter solstice symbolizes the changing seasons, and in Chinese Medicine this is the changing of dominant meridians.

Winter represents the most Yin aspect of Chinese Medicine. Yin is the dark, cold, slow, inward energy. Winter, in TCM, is associated with the Tai Yin which holds our body’s most basic and fundamental energy. The ancient text advises us to use our qi wisely, only on activities that align with our heart, create joy, and peace.

Winter is a time to restore and renew our physical body and reflect and realign the creativity and excitement for life. When the Tai Meridian is balanced, we are confident, motivated, and eager to try new things. If the Tai Yin is imbalanced, we are more likely to feel fatigued, sluggish, and fearful of our future.

Activities that you can mix in your winter routine should support balancing Tai Yin in the winter season with turning inwards, self-reflection, time writing, meditating, anything that is soul-nourishing.

If you are the type of person who plays pickle ball for hours 3-4x a week, decrease the hours of play to prevent imbalances which can lead to injury and illness. If you MUST go for a run, go! But take it easy and ask yourself if you feel joy as you are running or are you just running to get it done. Understand that if you need excess activities this is a clear sign that you have an imbalance.

It is believed that by harmonizing oneself with the seasons you can stay healthier and prevent disease, so Winter is the time to keep the Tai Yin meridian balance to support the organ function, body parts, and emotions associated with the Tai Yin.

Such as:

Ears, Kidneys, Bladder, Bones, Motivation, Fear, Grief, Sleep between 5-7am, Energy level between 5-7pm, abdominal fullness, vomiting, poor appetite, diarrhea, abdominal pain, absorption of nutrients and many other interesting body emotional aspects that make us – US!

With Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Food therapy, and activity checking in with your mental emotional self you can stay healthy and HAPPY this winter. Move into 2024 with confidence in your health and put YOU first.

Give us a call, or hop online to book with one of our providers and start your healing journey today!


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