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What Do The Twins Use Acupuncture For? Wonder No More!

After four years as the acupuncturist for the Minnesota Twins, I often get asked about the role of acupuncture in the team's health regimen. 

Wonder no more! 


Acupuncture supports whole-body health, a cornerstone of well-being in Chinese medicine. Professional athletes and performers use it for pain, sleep, stress, anxiety, digestive issues, hormonal balance, and more. My approach combines traditional Chinese medicine with innovative techniques to support holistic well-being.


Treating all patients the same, I focus on root causes to address ailments comprehensively. Beyond surface complaints, holistic well-being and preventive care are key. In Chinese medicine, unblocking issues is vital to prevent future health issues. Our bodies are interconnected systems that require balance for overall wellness.


The connection between our brain and body is vital for overall health. As I work with patients, I'm increasingly aware of the need to address root causes rather than just symptoms. Our culture often overlooks the complexity of health issues, leading to long-term consequences. Ignoring early signals like poor sleep or hormonal changes can have serious impacts on well-being. It's time to shift the focus from quick fixes to understanding and healing our bodies holistically.


Let's circle back and make sure I have answered the question, what do the Twins players use acupuncture for?

To ensure peak performance and well-being, Minnesota Twins professional baseball players utilize acupuncture as part of their collaborative medical therapy.


These athletes recognize the crucial role their bodies play in supporting their families and job performance. Because of this, supporting both their physical and mental health is the absolute priority. Beyond the demanding physical training, factors like being away from family, travel schedules, and disrupted sleep patterns impact their overall well-being and performance. With the support of the organization and medical team, these athletes leverage acupuncture to maintain health, balance, and stay at the top of their game on the field.


My goal, my mission, my desire is to educate anyone and everyone I can on how important it is for whole body health. Let’s stop treating the symptoms, let’s treat the person and prevent illness, injury, and diseases.

Do you feel like your health and wellness routine is missing something? Give us a call or book online with one of our providers to see how Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can boost your quality of life!

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