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The Power of Collaborative Care: How it Benefits Everyone!

EastWest - Bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine for the benefit of EVERYONE!


EastWest Acupuncture is collaborative partners with some of the best western health care systems in Minnesota. Our team has established wonderful working relationships with Ridgeview Medical Center, Ridgeview Pain and Spine Clinic, Twins Cities Orthopedics, Oakdale Ob/Gyn, and Nikki (that's ME), our owner and founder is the official Acupuncturist for the MN Twins Baseball team. EastWest also collaborates with multiple Chiropractic clinics, Mental health providers, Functional nutritionists, and many other health care providers.


I started my medical education with the desire to become an emergency medical doctor. I had my son at a young age and quickly realized that as a single mom, the schedule of an ER doctor would never work. However, years later I found Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and here we are today! I started TCM EastWest Acupuncture by renting one room from a local Pilates studio. I focused on educating western health care providers about how Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can help their patients and how it is a beautiful co-therapy to allopathic medicine.


I have seen a shift in health care since the Pandemic! 


We are taking more responsibility for our healthcare and collaborating with holistic healthcare and western healthcare! Interaction between Chinese physicians and western physicians has increased significantly since I started practicing Chinese Medicine in 2010. All health care providers and systems need a network of specialists to refer patients to when they have hit a plateau! Patients want and deserve to have an incredible team collaborating with them to guide them to healing, recovery, and a sustainable health. Patients, family members, health care providers, support staff, can all get frustrated with our “overarching health care system” BUT, know that 99% of people that go into health care, CARE! As we all start to work together, we can create a healthier community.


This is my mission, passion, and my purpose to bridge the gap between holistic medicine and western medicine. I love helping people heal, recover, and improve their overall health with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine AND I am a firm believer that we can use multiple medicines together.


I am so grateful to our collaborative partners that stepped outside the “box” and work with EastWest Acupuncture for the benefit of EVERYONE. We are blessed to have multiple sources and providers of healthcare! Do not limit yourself to the limited mindset that ONE WAY is the only WAY! 


Let's all work together and make ourselves and the community a HEALTHIER place! 

Give us a call, or hop online to book with one of our providers and start your healing journey today!

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