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Ready for Winter?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

By: Nikki Vanecek October 21, 2020 Snow is upon us. This past weekend, the snow fell in parts of Minnesota which means most of us are getting ready for winter. We are preparing our outdoor living spaces, yards, boats, cabins, and wardrobes.

But did you think about preparing your body and mind for winter? Very few people realize that our bodies and minds need attention as the season shifts to winter. The days shorten.

I love winter!! Holidays, beautiful white snow, ski trips, snuggling by the fire, the chance to slow down and enjoy time with friends and family. This winter will be VERY different than past winters. With COVID still here, our interactions with friends and family is going to be limited. If you are like me, you love spending time with your family and friends and knowing that my winter will be different, it makes me feel anxious.

Winter can already bring on a sense of anxiety for many people. with the shorter days and limited sun light and now add the restrictions of where you can go and who you can spend time with may increase the underline anxiety. Many people from Minnesota travel to chase the warmth of the sun and that is going to change as well. We are faced with how we deal with the cold, dark, winter days that are ahead of us. Great news, we have a few tips to help you get through and possibly enjoy the up coming winter!

  1. Feel the feelings- allow yourself to acknowledge how you are feeling. Most of us have developed this habit of stuffing our feelings to the back of the closet! In Chinese Medicine feeling your feelings for 10-20 mins is very important! Let your feelings move through the front door and leave out the back door like a cool fall breeze. Dwelling on your feelings for hours or days is when your emotions can become an issue. Stuffing feelings can lead to health issues.

  2. Go Outside- take time to go for a walk, shovel the snow, any outdoor activities. Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. You do not have to be outside for hours, just 20 mins a day to shift your belief about the cooler weather.

  3. Eat for the Season- what you eat will affect your mood! Eat warm foods, decrease your sugar and dairy intake, and increase your water! We have a great recipe for you to boost your immunity and mood.

Let us take care of you, here at EastWest Acupuncture. “We Got You”

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