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Helpful tips to keeping your immune system healthy

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

By: Nikki Vanecek

September 23, 2020

Days are getting shorter and there is a little cool crisp in the air as Minnesota transitions into the season of fall. Fall is the start of the Yin cycle that is linked to the meridians that governs over the Tai Yin and paired with the Yang Ming. These two meridians relate to the Metal Element that governs over organization, letting go, setting boundaries, and preparing for winter.

The Tai Yin Meridian governs over the Lung organ which is also in charge of the Wei-Qi of the body. Wei-Qi circulates between surface of the skin and the muscle layer; this is our defense Qi or immunity. Weakness of the Tai Yin meridian can be the lead to decreased strength in your immunity. As we move into cold and flu season and COVID being major concerns, we need for all of us to keep our body and mind healthy. It needs to be our top priority.

Here are a few at home self-care tips you can do to keep you and your family’s immune system strong during fall.

  1. Make your appointment for Acupuncture for an immune boost and get your immune boosting herbal formula TODAY!!

  2. Eat warm cooked foods, not foods like ice cream, raw veggies, and process lunch meat. Raw cold foods may decrease your internal “campfire: that fuels your immunity. You will want to increase foods like cooked veggies, garlic, mustard, and root veggies.

  3. Breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs and descend the Lung Qi. Breathing in for a count of 8 and exhaling for a count of 10. DO this at least 4 to 6 times a day.

  4. And keep your feet covered. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, keeping your feet covered as the temps fall is very important to support your immune system.

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