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Your low back pain might not be coming from your low back!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

There are so many different muscle groups, structures, and meridians that contribute to your back pain.

Golf season, baseball season, outdoor activities, and weekend warrior season is here. Spring and summer in Minnesota are the time of year we go and go and go until your back starts to ache and then it starts to hurt and then we can’t do the fun activities we want to do.

Once your low, middle, or upper back starts to hurt, the fun of our favorite activity quickly becomes annoying and painful. This stops us from enjoying the short-lived “nice” weather.

When people come to see me about their low back pain, I want to know all the details!

· How long has it been going on?

· When does it bother you the most?

· Is it waking you up at night?

· Does it radiate anywhere?

· What makes it worse or better?

· When in pain, what do you typically do to get out of pain?

The questions I ask not only help me understand your pain, but your answers will also tell me what meridians are blocked. These blockages contribute to your pain and can hinder your recovery.

The meridian system of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine looks at pain from a different view than Western Medicine. When I am working with patients that have pain, I need to diagnose not only the cause of their pain, but also which meridians are involved.

Once I know which meridians are blocked and how the blockage is affecting the physical body, I will design a treatment plan specifically for your recovery. Your treatment is designed to not only heal your back pain but also treat the other aspects of your health that are affected by your pain, like muscle tension, sleep, energy, digestion, and mood. Gearing your treatment toward whole body health to ensure that your back pain heals also decreases the likelihood of reoccurrence.

Along with Acupuncture, Cupping, and Tui Na, your custom designed treatment will have stretches and exercises to prevent reoccurrence.

Your low back pain is not just from your low back, so don’t just try to “fix” your low back.

Heal your whole body.

If you have questions or if you would like more information, our EastWest Acupuncture Team can help you.

WE got you!

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