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One Acupuncture Treatment Will Fix Me, Right?

Part of our job as healthcare providers is helping to set realistic expectations for your progress.

This can sometimes be challenging because, truthfully, we cannot know exactly which concerns/symptoms your body is going to heal first. As amazing and magical as the results can sometimes seem, Traditional Chinese Medicine is not magic. Sometimes it takes a while to see noticeable, lasting results.

Here's what we do know: 1. Chinese Medicine is amazing and provides incredible results, often even after all other options have failed.

2. The longer you have had the health issue that we are working on... the longer it will likely take to resolve. Some people might notice a change right away, but for most people this might mean 4, 10, 20, or 50 treatments. Even if you do notice some benefit immediately, it might not last more than a few days which can seem discouraging. This is part of the healing process and it actually helps us, as providers, to learn more about your body and how we can create the best customized treatment plan for you.

3. You will notice other areas of your health and wellness improving along the way.

So while you may or may not notice relief from your concern immediately... know that your body is healing and pay attention to the subtle changes you notice along the way.

Going to the gym once will not make you fit for life.

Eating vegetables once will not provide your body with the nutrition benefits long-term.

Going to the doctor once will not cure your condition immediately.

Anything that claims to be a miracle cure that works fast and sounds too good to be true.. probably is too good to be true.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not magic, but it is incredibly effective and you will notice changes. They may just happen according to your body's list of priorities and not necessarily in the order that you expect them to.

For more information, give us a call or book online! We are happy to answer any questions you have!


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