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Kids have EMOTIONS too!

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

By: Nikki Vanecek September 30, 2020

Kids today are experiencing emotions that most adults did not experience until our teens. Kids are faced with pressure of school performance, social/social media pressure like never before. Oh and let’s not forget COVID. They do not have the verbal skills to tell us that they are anxious, sad, fearful, or worried. They “feel” like something is not right within their body, but they can’t express what it is. As they are not able to express what it is, they suppress these feelings. This will lead to other physical and emotional issues. Stress and anxiety may affect their mood, concentration, sleep, digestion, energy level, and their immune system.

Here are a couple warning signs your children (little or big) might be suffering form anxiety and stress:

  1. Unexplainable mood flips- from “ok” to mad or irritable

  2. Waking up in the middle of the night, bed wetting, or tummy aches at night

  3. Unable to focus during conversations, school work, or even physical activities

  4. Increased colds, headaches, runny nose, or earaches.

For more information you can set up an appointment with our pediatric specialist!

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