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Hello 2024, Cannot wait to…Invest in yourself, RIGHT!!!

Since the pandemic there has been an increase in physical health conditions stemming from mental health. We have noticed since the pandemic that more and more patients have trouble with overthinking, over exercising, over drinking, OVER everything. In the winter when the meridians that govern over filtering our thoughts become imbalanced, this imbalance can leave us susceptible to illness and other conditions that can become chronic.

The Meridian that governs our thoughts or mental processing is the Tai yin foot meridian. This meridian is in charge of keeping our thoughts in order and not allowing us to go too far off into make believe land. Once we start to think about an ache, disrupted sleep, a weird patch of skin, we often start to overthink and then go straight to GOOGLE!!! Once this happens you begin to spiral from page to page of information that more than likely has nothing to do with what is actually causing your symptom. Google is a great tool to research certain information and guide you to an answer, however when you are in a state of fear or confusion, Google is only going to add to your anxiousness. Try to keep in mind that the information that pops up first on Google is the information with the buzz words that catch your eye. The scary things are going to be the things that pique your interest first, and therefore get clicked on first!

Overthinking, over analyzing, over Googling, anything that causes you to feel anxious or excited with anticipation to seek a goal is going to cause an imbalance in the Tai yin meridian. This meridian is particularly important to keep balanced during winter because of “its” job. The Tai yin meridian is not only in charge of filtering our thoughts but also very important in digestion and absorption of nutrients, strengthening of your immune system, physical and mental stamina, your speech, supports balance of hormones, and the list goes on.

According to Chinese Medicine, overthinking can actually damage the Qi of this meridian and that is when we have extreme physical health conditions like IBS, diverticulosis, depression, severe anxiety, and worst of all, decreased in JOY of your life.

As we continue to help our patients heal and recover from their overthinking, over exercising, over drinking, over GOOGLING habits we learn more and more about how the underlying issues are fear. Fear of what is wrong, fear of what do I do, fear of will I ever feel better. This is understandable because when we do not feel good, we want answers and action. That fear leads us to click on the link that confirms the possibility of something being seriously wrong, and down the rabbit hole we go!

Here are a few things you can do to help STOP overthinking and learn to have faith in your providers:

1.       Know that 90% of health care providers went into healthcare because they CARE.

2.       Ask yourself – what is my payoff to keep thinking about ____?

3.       Ask yourself – how is my digestion? Do I poop EVERY DAY? Do I feel sluggish after eating? These questions are very important to how your digestion system is functioning.

4.       Ask yourself – what am I trying to achieve and why am I trying to achieve it? How quickly can I start to take action on what I am trying to achieve? If you are gathering information, you are overthinking.

5.       Am I driven by fear, anxiety, or worry? If so, you are probably overthinking.

What can you do in these moments:


2.       If you are feeling any digestive discomfort, have warm tea, place a hot pad on your abdomen, and eat warming foods.

3.       Gargle water – this will help to deactivate the vagus nerve that can drive anxiety to search for information.

4.       GO for a walk outside without sunglasses.

5.       Rest for 20 mins and listen to relaxing music.

6.       Talk with a therapist or coach to understand what is at the root cause for your habit of overthinking.


We all want to understand and find answers to our health concerns, but this is where you use google to help find a health care provider that can help you! You do not have to figure this out all on your own, WE got you!


Give us a call, or hop online to book with one of our providers and start your healing journey today!

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