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Fall is coming…Are you Ready?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

By: Nikki Vanecek October 14, 2020 Have you felt a little blue or that you just don’t want to let go of summer yet? This may be why…. Fall is the season that is governed by the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians. Each of these meridians oversee eliminating toxins from our body. Some may be to feel the summer blues as Minnesota season change and this is normal. The Lung or Tai Yin meridian governs over the emotional of sadness and grief. If you suffer with allergies, have seasonal asthma or just feel sad as summer ends, it might be due to an imbalance of the Tai Yin and Yang Ming meridians. Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, and Chinese Food Therapy is the answer for you! With balancing these two meridians, your immune system and your emotional health is stronger. As our season transitions into fall, let your practitioners take care of your physical and emotional health. There are many different techniques we have available to support you and your family’s health. Here are a couple tips to keep balance this fall season:

  1. Humming- Humming invokes the feeling of joy and lights of the area of the brain that releases serotine.

  2. Get our Immunity Boost Formula- We have a great smoothie recipe the whole family will love, including the little ones.

  1. Eat foods that generate fluid and moisten the lungs such as pears, apples, figs, pumpkins, nuts and seeds.

  2. Get your sleep- Sleep 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Sleep is the key to a strong healthy immune system.

Let us take care of you, here at EastWest Acupuncture. “We Got You”

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