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What Is Stress?!

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

"Oh, I'm not really that stressed!"


What does stress actually look like?

Nikki and Kerry always ask about stress during your visit, especially when your response every time is “my stress is pretty low”.


However, most of the time, you’re not aware that it’s a lie. Stress is a sneaky little master of disguise.

What are some common sources of it?

Multitasking To-do lists Exercise (can be good stress unless excessive)



Work Projects

Home Projects

Financial Difficulty

Social Interaction

Lack of Social Interaction

Changes in daily routine




How does it show up in the body?

Stress appears in our daily life in various disguises and interrupts everything.

It can look like:

Multitasking To-do lists Racing thoughts

Sighing Frequently Decreased appetite Bouncing your leg at the dinner table Brain fog Starting a sentence with “I have to ______”

Interrupted Sleep Digestion Issues

Twitching Chronic and Acute Pain Delayed Ovulation Irregular Menstrual cycles Erratic Moods

How does stress do this?

It does all of this by messing with your hormones! Stress hormones like cortisol and certain endorphins travel around your body telling your organs which functions to increase and which functions to pause. When you’re running from a tiger, your body is more focused on getting as much energy to your lungs and muscles as possible. To do that, it presses pause on other functions like digestion and reproduction. Even if there isn’t an actual tiger chasing you, when you wake up in the morning and immediately start “running” through your to-do list.. your body responds in a similar way. When you wake up like this every day for years, your body expects it, and it becomes a pattern.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help your body decrease the stress response and allow your body to press play on those other functions like digestion and reproduction. However, we also work with you on adjusting your lifestyle to break that pattern and build new patterns to support healthy function! This way, when new stressors appear in your life, your body is able to adapt and continue to function properly!

Hop on over to our online booking site and get started on prioritizing your health and wellness today!

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