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Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Woman on treadmill

Have you hit a post-resolution slump?

Motivation — Acupuncture improves motivation! Specific meridians govern motivation and when there is an imbalance in those areas you lose the drive to accomplish your goals. By clearing those meridians, acupuncture helps balance your body and gets you back on track.

Is it getting harder to get to the gym?

Energy — It’s time to check your sleeping and eating habits. If you are not sleeping and eating well, you are not functioning well and it’s no surprise you may lack the energy to get to the gym.

Traditional Chinese Herbal treatments/formulas or teas help you fall sleep more easily and stay asleep longer. Sip and sleep — sounds good to us!

Salads and smoothies are not for everyone. We are trained in Chinese Food Therapy, and we’ll help you figure out which foods increase your energy, and which ones deplete it.

Have you aggravated an old injury or hurt yourself with an aggressive start?

Pain – If you are in pain or are concerned about a past injury you’re not going to want to work out. Distal acupuncture treatments can take away your pain and heal the injured area while balancing your body, so you are less likely to feel pain or re-injure yourself.

Acupuncture is a great therapy to help you get motivated, remain energized and stay pain free.

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