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Feeling the Emotions

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

By: Meaghan Moakley October 28, 2020 Emotions- we all have them, we all feel them, and sometimes, we get overwhelmed by them. This isn’t a bad thing! In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each element is connect to an emotion. Right now we are in the metal season (fall) and the emotions tied with that is grief, sadness, and/or longing. These emotions might come up for us a little bit more than usual. Sometimes people are hesitant to cry or feel sad because they can’t quite put their finger on why they are upset… However, we encourage our patients to lean into that, trust their body, and feel their feelings! It’s only a problem if you can’t let those feelings go. We want to invite our emotions in, and kindly invite them to leave when they are no longer serving us. So if you are feeling a little off, and like you might want to cry or be sad for a bit…. do it! You will be amazed how letting yourself be with your emotions will make you feel. If you are having trouble letting these emotions move through you, that’s when we would encourage you to get in touch with your doctor, and come see us for some TCM therapies. With acupuncture, herbs and cupping, we encourage the body to find balance and harmony, physically and emotionally. We have done a video on this topic, you can find it on our youtube page or clicking the link below.

Let us take care of you, here at EastWest Acupuncture. “We Got You”

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