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Dear Patients and Supporters,

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

I want to thank you for putting your faith and trust into our clinic for all your health care needs. Without you we would not be able to fulfill the purpose and goals we have set out to accomplish.

Our purpose here at EastWest Acupuncture is to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine for the benefit of the patients.

Nikki has 3 main goals listed below that she focuses on and that fuels her determination.

  1. Provide exceptional health care to any person in need.

  2. Nikki has compassion for any person that is struggling with pain, anxiety, sleep, and/or any other health care issues. Nikki has said many times “if I win the lottery- Free treatments for everyone”. This is because no matter what, her purpose is to help improve the quality of life of her patients.

  3. To Create employment growth and support newly graduating Chinese Medical Practitioners.

  4. Nikki will never forget the tough uphill battle she fought when she opened her clinic in 2010. There was a brief time when she was nervous to tell people what she did for a living because there were others that would make fun of her and criticize her without even understanding Chinese Medicine. Nikki has created a clinical space for practitioners to find their purpose and support them through the journey.

  5. To Bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Health Care.

  6. Nikki started her education in Western Health and throughout her years of schooling and experiences she shifted her focus to Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has level of respect for Western Medicine past education. Nikki wants all individuals to have the best life possible and will support her patients in every way needed. Nikki, as well as our other practitioners enjoy collaborating with other health care professionals to provide the best care for the patients.

Here are some Self-Care Tips: So long with Salads and Watermelon! Eating raw, cold-natured foods during the cooler months contribute to decreasing the strength of your immune system, increase congestion, heaviness, and lethargy.

It’s time for nourishing soups, stews, and stir-fry’s. The color associated with fall is white, so try including white and spicy foods like scallions, leeks, horseradish, onion, and garlic into your cooking.

For more information on foods to increase and decrease for the season’s, set up a time to talk with one of our practitioners. They can help put together a food therapy care plan to keep you and your family healthy this fall and winter!

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