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Is Acupuncture Safe to Do With Fertility Treatments?

Acupuncture as a tool to incorporate in with your Fertility Treatments.
Acupuncture is a great way to support your body through IVF and IUI!

YES!  In fact, more and more OB-GYNs, Midwives, and Reproductive Endocrinologists are starting to recommend acupuncture throughout the process of IUI and IVF.

Undergoing fertility treatments can be a very stressful, uncomfortable process. One of the best ways to support your body through that process is to receive weekly acupuncture treatments. Not only does acupuncture reduce stress, but it can also help to support each step of the process by decreasing inflammation and increasing blood flow! My patients who come in for regular acupuncture before and after egg retrieval and transfer also say that they sleep better and feel less physical discomfort after each procedure.  

“But I’m already dealing with so many needles throughout IVF.. The thought of more just sounds awful!”

This concern is completely understandable. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about having a bunch of acupuncture needles all over when you’re already having blood draws and hormone injections constantly!   However, acupuncture needles are significantly smaller than the shots used to administer medications or draw blood for testing. You likely won’t even notice most of them, especially when you’re so used to those bigger needles! Plus, acupuncture helps to calm your nervous system, so that tense, knee-jerk reaction your body feels at the thought of needles tends to just melt away. The relaxation you’ll feel while resting during your acupuncture session can make the whole process seem much easier to handle.


Need another reason to incorporate acupuncture during IVF/IUI? 


Running from appointment to appointment, thinking about when you have to administer hormone injections, tracking which cycle day you’re on to make sure you schedule the right appointment at the right time… it is A LOT. Never mind the fact that life doesn’t just slow down to accommodate this crazy schedule. Coming in for an acupuncture session will force you to slow down, even if just for an hour. These days, we are constantly on the go. We don’t take time to just pause, reflect, and sit in stillness enough. It's an absolute game changer when intentionally take that time to ourselves.


So is acupuncture safe to do with fertility treatments? Yes! Give us a call or hop online to book today! Trust me, your mind will thank you.

We got you!


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